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Many of our outdoor living area projects feature custom patios, composite decks, porches, shade pergolas and/or covered roof structures. 

A new concrete patio, paving stone patio, flagstone patio, brick paver patio, walkway or driveway will greatly improve the appearance and value of your home's landscaping. With all of the available styles and colors to choose from, the patio design possibilities are endless and there is a product to fit everyone’s budget and personal taste. Choosing the correct product and pattern is where the expertise of an experienced landscape designer becomes invaluable. 

When choosing a deck builder, the design process is an essential element.  Deck designs can be simple or complex.  A landscape architect will be able to provide you with a solid and creative deck design as well as many options that you may want to consider for the deck to make it unique.  A good deck design will make your outdoor living more enjoyable. K Morris is a certified Trex Deck Pro! 

A pergola or arbor is a carpentry feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice type frame work, often upon which vines are trained. As a type of gazebo, a pergola may also be an extension of a house, or serve as protection for an open patio room, or a link between your home and a detached covered patio. Pergolas are shade structures that add another dimension to your outdoor room.  Pergolas create a warm and cozy space, while making a bold architectural statement to your landscape.  

Roof structures are outdoor rooms and a complete extension of your home. While a patio or porch roof is often an after thought, installed on existing homes after the design and construction of the home itself, a good roof design can make it look as if the structure was part of the home's architecture from the very beginning.  To achieve this, the design should consider matching roof pitches and style, shingle type, and soffit and facia colors.  The location and the manner in which a roof meets an existing structure is also very important.  A well designed patio and porch roof will allow for the use of your outdoor living space at night, in the hot sun, and during inclement rain.  Now that's ultimate outdoor living!

K Morris provides custom design, masonry and carpentry of outdoor patios, decks, pergolas, porches and covered patio roofs to enhance your landscaping and outdoor living.  All of our designs are site and client specific and can include stone, brick, concrete, natural wood, composites and vinyl materials.  We have many designs and solutions that will fit your lifestyle and budget!

Maybe the best room in your house isn't actually "inside" your house at all!

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