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Steps & Walls

Retaining walls and steps are a staple in Western PA.  You can hardly drive anywhere in Pittsburgh without spotting a retaining wall project or a long set of steps. 

Retaining walls and masonry features are used for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they are needed to accommodate a patio, driveway or level yard. Walls are often found supporting a sloped area and serving as erosion control and a drainage collection system.  Walls can also be used for hillside terracing and to create unique landscaping features such as raised beds, elevated patios, water features, light pillars, and built-in patio furniture.

The installation of stone masonry features, steps and segmental retaining walls require extensive skill and knowledge.  It is not so much the actual retaining wall block that retains the earth, as much as the process of construction.  Proper footers, base material, compaction, base course leveling, wall batter, geo-grid reinforcement, and good drainage are all important and crucial building construction steps. Cutting corners in any of these steps will prove to be costly down the road, as the project will undoubtedly fail.  This is certainly one area of construction in which you do not want to settle for the lowest bid.  The phrase "good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good" applies here! For over 25 years, K Morris has installed many types of retaining walls and stone masonry features including segmental walls, cultured stone, and natural stone. With our vast experience and knowledge, we can offer various solutions for your masonry and retaining wall needs.  Call us today to discuss your stone and wall projects!

The phrase "good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good" applies here! For over 20 years,

K Morris has expertly installed many types of stone retaining walls, versa-lok retaining walls, steps and stone masonry features


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