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Patios, Walkways, and Driveways

Natural flagstone, bluestone and paving stones are an attractive and practical addition to your home.

Who can resist the beauty and durability of natural flagstone and bluestone? We are experienced in patio, walkway and driveway design utilizing various types of stone.  There are many varieties, styles and colors of natural flagstone. As part of our landscape design process, we will help you select a stone that suits your wants and needs.

Paving stones have natural beauty, are many times stronger, and more durable than poured concrete. Paving stones can withstand more than 10,000 psi, while typical poured concrete endures 4,000 psi. Paving stones come in many shapes and sizes, they are easy to replace or repair, and they are crack resistant (unlike concrete). The most outstanding asset, however, is the ability to withstand all types of conditions. Paving stones are made to last, despite rain, snow, rock salt, and heat.
There are many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from.  The cost of the project will vary greatly depending on the actual stone and paving pattern selected.

A new paving stone patio, flagstone patio, brick paver patio, walkway or driveway will greatly improve the appearance and value of your home's landscaping. With all of the available styles and colors to choose from, the patio design possibilities are endless and there is a product to fit everyone’s budget and personal taste. Choosing the correct product and pattern is where the expertise of an experienced landscape designer becomes invaluable. 

Are you looking for flagstone or paver patio design ideas? K Morris can recommend the correct paver or stone style, combination and patterns for your amazing new outdoor patio space! 


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