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Natural Stone Steps and Boulders

Some of our most creative and successful landscaping projects involve the use of landscaping rocks, decorative rocks, and boulders made of natural sandstone.  Our sandstone, which is quarried in Butler, PA, has a unique blend of quartz and silica. This provides interesting color and striations in each stone as well as a very hard surface that will stand up to the elements without cracking or chipping. 

The Pittsburgh area lends itself to the landscaping use of stone stairs, stepping stones and landscape boulders.  These native stones add another dimension to the landscape.  They look great all season long, adding beauty and character to your home's landscape design.

I  believe each landscape stone has a face and putting together a stone landscaping project is often like working on a jig-saw puzzle. Each piece works in perfect harmony with the others when placed in just the right location.  Landscape stone and boulder work is a true art form that we have mastered -  and the next canvas can be your yard!

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