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Landscaping with Plants

Searching for landscaping ideas and designs? As one of the top Landscape Design-Build companies in the Pittsburgh market, K Morris has extensive knowledge and experience with plant material.  When creating a landscape design plan for your home landscaping, there are several factors to consider.  A few of the most important factors in landscaping aside from selecting hardy and desirable plantings are sunlight, soil conditions, wind, climate, and the presence of deer and other animals.  Choosing the perfect planting combination for your home landscaping takes years of experience. Often our clients are looking for much of the same - landscaping with low maintenance curb appeal along with seasonal color and texture to enhance their home year round.  With over 20 years experience in the Pittsburgh landscaping design and installation industry, we assure you a unique and beautiful design that will flourish in your surroundings. Believe it or not, more than half of our projects involve renovations correcting other Pittsburgh landscaper's mistakes.  Are you looking for new front yard landscaping with curb appeal, a backyard landscaping oasis, or perhaps both? Make the right choice for your landscaping needs from the start, call K Morris Landscape Design!

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