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Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Searching for an awesome back yard design with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit? Creating an inviting, ambient setting makes all the difference in the quality of your outdoor living.

Outdoor living isn't a novel concept. The Victorians enjoyed screened porches and summer rooms that were shuttered for the winter.  And now comes the era of taking our indoor comforts outside.

We've all redone our kitchens and bathrooms, or redecorated our homes several times.  The 21st century is all about turning our attention outdoors.  If our homes reflect our lifestyles, it makes sense that its interior personality be extended outside.

The outdoor room is not just the hottest design buzzword.  It's value-added real estate - a bonus space that may afford many of the same comforts as are inside the home. And it boosts property value as much as 30 percent, some experts say.  Expand your creative thinking to include structures such as pergolas, pavilions, outdoor kitchens with built-in grills, decks with covered roofs, and of course, the hearth of your outdoor room – the outdoor fireplace.

An outdoor patio fireplace or fire pit is an excellent way to create ambience. More and more, homeowners are expanding their living spaces outdoors and adding outdoor patio fireplaces and fire pits to the patio. Following the popularity of Chimineas, and portable patio fireplaces, custom outdoor patio fireplaces are a logical no-brainer for real and symbolic warmth.  The cool climate in Western Pennsylvania attracts a warm glowing fire for extended use of the back yard patio. A fireplace or fire pit will extend the season of your outdoor living area by several months. A fireplace or fire pit becomes a natural magnet for a cozy grouping of sofa and chairs inviting relaxation, intimate conversation, and ultimate outdoor living.

K Morris is the Greater Pittsburgh area's award winning expert on outdoor fireplace and fire pit design!

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